About Us

Regional Student Group Ecuador part of the ISCB Student Council



The foundation of RSG-Ecuador aims to create a long-lasting community of students, professors and researchers that are residing in Ecuador, capable of learning, teaching, and using technologies related to Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, and that are willing to create a network to promote research and innovation projects in this field. Also, through this group we want to motivate students and young researchers from different areas such as Biology, Computer Science, Physics, Mathematics, among others, to know about Bioinformatics and contribute to the development of this emergent area in our country.


Ecuador is a country with a vast biodiversity and has a highly active community of scientists studying many kinds of biological phenomena. In this context, Bioinformatics is of extreme importance to drive scientific discovery and innovation in an era where biological research generates huge amounts of information.

The Bioinformatics community in Ecuador is not yet mature, however, we think it has the potential to increase its presence in the scientific community and greatly benefit several areas of society, such as agro-industry and medicine, which are dependent on the knowledge generated by modern experimental and theoretical techniques applied in biological research.

We also think that the extent to which the Bioinformatics community in our country can grow depends on the number of people capable of using the technologies correctly, as well as of interpreting results and communicating their research accurately. We see RSG Ecuador as an important opportunity to create a community that works to make the science and the technological tools used in Bioinformatics accessible to students, researchers and the general public, as well as to create opportunities for students and professionals to advance their careers.